Transforming Beta into Alpha
What We Do
We offer products for all types of investors who want a combined approach to risk control and equity investing
Our Strategy
We have an approach that can outperform the broad equity markets while reducing the losses of major equity declines
AnchorPath Financial, LLC is an investment management firm with a new approach to downside risk control. We implement proprietary pro-active risk control with modest leverage which enables our funds to outperform the equity markets with lower downside risk.

Today's Shortcomings

  • Most alternative approaches are no longer effective
  • Back-tested quantitative algorithms are flawed and seldom work well in a live environment
  • Failure to control short-term risk negatively impacts long term results

Our Countermeasures

  • Implement systematic pro-active downside risk control
  • Integrate multiple risk control techniques
  • Apply sophisticated use of exchange traded instruments

Transforming Beta into Alpha:
We turn market exposure into excess returns

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